7 Secret of Iphone 8

This post will discuss about the 7 secrets of iphone 8 that have not been much understood by the iphone lovers who are already in leak

1. Pearl Features.
this feature is a feature of facial readers on the Iphone 8 is known as FACE ID. although the face id already there are many in other smartphone use, but Face ID owned by Iphone is more sophisticated.

2. Animojis

that is by using  pearl, Iphone user can change his face that has caught Iphone 8 to Emoji.
after you have photographed your face, you can instantly convert it to Emoji that you can send to others poeple.

3. New Apple Watch

Apple Watch latest with cellular network mechanism and share phone number between Iphone with Apple Watch.

4.Airpods with new features that is battery charging indicator in its chasing where chassis Airpods itself is for charging the battery while traveling

5. Using 6 core Proccessor
Iphone 8 uses a 6 Core Processor known as A11

6. Iphon 8 uses USB-C which is a step to replace Jack Lighting

7. Iphone 8 price about US $ 1,000.

that’s 7 secrets of Iphone 8 that have been spread before release
hopefully useful Thanks

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