Top 3 Best Linux Desktop Environtment

Best linux desktop environtment, There are many types of linux desktop environment. This time we will discuss a little about best linux desktop environtment for you. If you are new linux user and confused to choose which one, i hope this post can help you.

What’s Desktop Environtment? 

Graphical User interface (GUI) that allows us to manage and access the important features and services that we often access from the operating system. Desktop environment is the default interface provided by almost all modern operating systems, and this time we only discuss linux desktop. This type of interface was developed to replace the command line interface, used in older operating systems such as Unix. However, we may still have command-line access for some system-level services that are not accessible through the desktop environment. The linux desktop environment is often called only linux desktop.

Which Top 3 Best Linux Desktop Environtment?

You can make this post for references. Everything i’ve written here is what i feel while using linux desktops.


I put Gnome on first because Gnome has beautiful view, quick access, and easy to use. You can choose Gnome on your ubuntu, linuxmint, etc.  Gnome provides a focused working environment that helps you to get things done, and it is packed with features that will make you more productive.


Linux desktop this one offers amazing experience for you. Cool display with soft effect give you comfort when using it. But not recomended for your low spesifications computer. KDE is user friendly for windows user before. KDE also focus on finding innovative solutions to old and new problems, creating a vibrant atmosphere open for experimentation.


Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. This one recomended for you if you are new linux user from windows user before and your computer is low specifications. But also can be for you who have good computer high specification that emphasizes the speed and light side. This desktop is my favorite if I need to run some heavy apps.


So the best deskop environtment depending on the tastes, needs, and specifications of the computer.  You can install many desktop environtment on your favorite distro. You can select one the desktop environtment when you login your operating system. Here I just give opinions that can be considered. Read also KDE vs Gnome. Thank’s for your time and see you next time.




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