Phone Running Slow Solutions

Phone Running Slow Solutions – Hello everyone, in this post we will discuss a problem that many owned by android smartphone users that phone suddenly hangs, or work slow. So I will give some tips how to fix it from the explanation of the common causes why phone is slow.


Smartphones are almost everyone’s thing at the moment, because it’s a necessity that some people think is important. From time-lapse, smartphones appear various offerings from the hardware side as well as the OS version (operating system). In addition, from the side of the model that can affect the level of sales. But some people come to a lot of compact smartphone problems that feels slow process. Whatever it is both the brand and version of its Phone’s OS. Well we find out why it can happen, then how to overcome it.

Reasons of phone running slow

There are several reasons why your smartphone slow or slow. You should know first why that happened. Here you can see carefully:

  1. Low Specifications Hardware

  2. This is a powerful reason why the smartphone feels slow. Phone specification is the main target, because the logic of smartphone is more higher specification is the performance. But it takes a little cost also to buy a high specification. For those who have not been able and only have fit phone, do not be discouraged may not have time, but can see the next reason.

  3. Too many apps in the background are running

  4. Naah, this a lot done unconsciously by some people. The meaning that there are some applications that are actually still running without us knowing. Examples of applications that run in the background is Whatsapp, actually this application must be running in the backround to always update if there is an incoming message. But what about other applications such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, various games, and others that are still running without us knowing that makes our HP slow.

  5. Lack of storage space

  6. This problem is also pretty much that has the lack of storage space. Whether full of photos, documents, videos, or most applications. Phone will get more read data if the phone has a lot of data.

  7. The system has crashed

  8. This mean is the OS that is installed on phone there is a crash or damaged. Software can be damaged if used continuously. And this is common in electronic devices.

How to solve phone running slow

Once we know some common reasons why phone feels slow performance, then now we will discuss how to overcome them.

  1. Upgrade the phone

  2. For those who have more funds, this is the most fitting because the device is a good performance will be better. this step is a way to overcome from the hardware or specification. But there are some way from the software. Various brands now competing each other out versions of phone that its specification offers to various circles whether like games, exist in social media , etc. with a price fight as well. So many options as needed.

  3. Close unnecessary apps running in the background

  4. As I have explained, too many applications running in the background are very likely to make phone slow. Arrange only a few of the most important applications. Example Whatsapp that really needs to be always running because it needs the importance of communication. Look in the app store that can block applications. For android users I suggest to use KILL APPS application: Close all apps running. In this application we can close all applications running in the background with the exception of applications that do not diclose for example whatsapp. This app seems to me the most powerful way to solve this problem, and I’ve recommended it to friends, she likes it too. In addition I give additional disable gps, and bluetooth if not necessary because multiply the system task.

  5. Delete files and apps

  6. We recommend removing applications that do not need to be installed. Examples of Facebook, Twitter, and others where all that we can access in chrome applications. This technique not necessary if your phone qualified. But for the sake of phone that has a low specification and slow, I recommend this way. This means that in this way means giving phone more storage space. So the device does not do much read data. Also delete files such as photos, videos that are not necessary. Or it can move to memory so that the internal memory is not too full.

  7. ROM Update

  8. This step is usually done by the people who likes hacking android system. If layman of this problem should not be done if not really trapped. Because the damage to the system is quite severe, just as knowledge only. This step needs various information for example custom ROM what is most suitable for its phone type and usually get information from the forum and lots of googling. And to do it there is some knowledge that must be owned that is rooting, and others.

After knowing some reasons and how to overcome them, can be practiced. This article is also an experience from me. If it’s useful, I’m happy too, hehe. The distance a few seconds in the smartphone process greatly affect our comfort in using. When HP is slow, we feel sad do not it? ha ha.

Hopefully useful, see you in the next post.

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